Having lost a number of my own family, I know the shocking pain of loss, but I also know the comfort of words and music.  Sometimes a celebration of a person’s life can help to bring family and friends together and remind them of memories and happier times.  We can hold the ceremony in a place you would feel most comfortable with, at a time to suit you and include words and music that mean something to you and to the deceased. We will always be respectful but if we are having a celebration of the person’s life then we can also have a bit of fun.  There is no need to always talk in hushed voices and sometimes the deceased’s personality evokes a different sort of tone to the proceedings.

Many people may not be a regular member of a faith group. There are also those who are unsure of what they believe or may believe strongly in certain elements of spirituality. A civil ceremony can accommodate your various wishes and beliefs. You get to decide how to say goodbye to your loved one, your way.

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